Top 5 Essential Laravel Packages You Need in 2024

Top 5 Essential Laravel Packages You Need in 2024

Top 5 Laravel Packages Essential for 2024


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As Laravel continues to evolve, staying updated with the latest packages can significantly enhance your development process. In this guide, we'll explore the top 5 essential Laravel packages you'll need in 2024. These packages are selected to streamline your development workflow, boost productivity, and introduce important features to your Laravel applications.

Let's start with my favourite Laravel package:

Laravel Herd - Laravel Herd is a blazingly fast, native Laravel and PHP development environment.

Note: Laravel Herd is not a package but rather a tool used to run Laravel on your system.

The main features of Laravel Herd include:

  1. Native Laravel Environment - can be used by both Mac and Windows users.

  2. Blazing Fast Performance - Herd uses pre-built binaries for core components, which makes it exceptionally fast.

  3. Easy Setup - After installing Herd, you can quickly start developing Laravel applications thanks to its easy installation process.

Both Mac & Windows users can use the Laravel UI:




Laravel Reverb - Real-Time Powerhouse for Laravel Applications.

The main features of Laravel Reverb include:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: Real-time updates and interactivity significantly enhance the user experience by offering a dynamic and responsive application environment.

  2. Reduced Server Load: Reverb enhances user experience with real-time updates and interactivity, while also reducing server load by avoiding frequent page reloads, leading to better performance and scalability.

  3. Simplified Real-Time Development: Reverb's use of Laravel's broadcasting system simplifies the development of real-time features in your Laravel applications.


Laravel Pulse - Application Performance and Usage Monitoring.

The main features of Laravel Pulse include:

  1. Proactive Problem Identification - By identifying performance issues early, you can prevent them from affecting your users' experience.

  2. Improved Application Performance -By identifying and optimizing bottlenecks and slow routes or jobs early on, Laravel Pulse ensures your application runs smoothly and efficiently, preventing performance issues from impacting your users' experience.

  3. Data-Driven Decisions - Pulse's insights enable you to make well-informed decisions regarding your application's development and how resources are allocated.


Laravel Filament- Effortless Admin Panel Creation

The main benefits of Laravel Filament include:

  1. Reduced Development Time - By leveraging pre-built components and rapid development tools, Filament significantly reduces the time and effort required to create robust admin panels.

  2. Improved Developer Experience - Filament offers a clean and intuitive API, making it enjoyable for developers to work with.

  3. Enhanced User Experience - The resulting admin panels are user-friendly, responsive, and efficient, allowing administrators to manage application data effortlessly.


Laravel Telescope - Debugging Powerhouse for Laravel Applications.

The key points of the Laravel telescope are:

  1. Faster Debugging: Telescope's comprehensive information expedites the troubleshooting process by providing detailed logs and data points. This allows for quicker identification and resolution of issues.

  2. Performance Optimization: By analyzing database queries, response times, and cached data usage, Telescope helps you optimize your application's performance and ensure efficient resource utilization.

  3. Improved Application Understanding: You gain a deeper understanding of how your application functions, how various components interact, and how users generate requests. This fosters better development decisions and application maintenance.


There are old packages, often referred to as "Old is Gold," that are utilized in Laravel development or production. In my next blog post, I will explore more of these packages.

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